You Got This! - Becoming a Mum

The months of anticipating and final birth of your child represents a beautiful phase of your life. Motherhood is not an easy task, so it’s important to be kind to yourself. As you read more about this new chapter of your life, you may be inundated by the vast amount of parenting theories and things to consider for your baby. However, there are some fundamentals that will help you relax and be at peace with yourself.

Here are 5 important things shared amongst mothers to keep in mind and ease you into this wonderful new journey with positivity.

1. There is no Right or Wrong

Why not accept advice and help where you need it? Being supermum will happen anyway and its much nicer having some company around. Between reading parenting books and rely on your gut, just understand that knowledge and theories, advice and tips are not more important than your instinct on what your baby needs. And remember, every child is unique.

With twins, I really didn't have the energy to read after birth and instead focused on just talking to my babies. - Lena


2. Keep Things Simple

Make life easy for yourself by keeping things simple. It will leave you with more emotional room to enjoy your baby and have fun with him/her. There is no need to panic that you aren’t giving your child the best. Rest assured that YOU being there is exactly what your child needs.

3. Be Present

Let go of preconceived ideals that others have given you “from experience”. Each baby is different and trying to understand yours based on any others may put you and the child in conflict. There is a time for everything - you will be happier and enjoy playtime with your child much more if you are not rushing to achieve something.

We are all so busy with our hand-phones acquiring knowledge from various sources. Perhaps the best thing we can do is to just give our babies our full attention. - Gillian


4. Bond over Play

Babies use play to make sense of the world. As you find days revolving around your new baby, find pleasure in the simple things you and baby can enjoy. The act of pointless play will deliver benefits for baby and mum that is priceless. Let go! Have fun watching them grow. 


5. Relax & Laugh

Learn to laugh at yourself and situations. Stop trying to control everything. Remind yourself to see the funny side of things and it will keep you free from worries. Happy mummy, happy baby. One day you will look back and enjoy a giggle about all the things that happened and realise you might not want to change a thing!

Welcome to motherhood.