5 Things to Look for in Comfortable Kids Clothing in Singapore

Children who are free to play and explore grow up confident in themselves. At Lagom Kids, we believe that all children have the limitless ability to imagine, create and make choices for themselves. Being in comfortable kids clothing is one key to ensure children are physically and mentally free to learn through play and build their confidence.

In this post, we will explore 5 things to look out for when shopping for comfortable kids clothing in Singapore.

The Fabric is Essential to Comfortable Kids Clothing

Comfort in kids' clothes come from many different factors. For example, some fabrics are considered comfortable because they regulate body temperature well during hot days in the tropics. Kids often perspire when playing outside so it's important to find comfortable materials that do not stick to their skin while letting them breathe easily at the same time.

One of the most popular fabric choices for kids’ apparel is cotton. This is due to its versatility, performance, and comfort. Here are some reasons why cotton is a favoured material for comfortable kids clothing:

Kids perspire when they play, and this can lead to them feeling sticky and uncomfortable. Cotton clothing can help keep them stay dry and comfortable even when they are most active. That is because cotton is naturally breathable, absorbent, and known for its cooling properties – which makes it perfect for active kids who are always on the go.

Cotton’s absorbency also helps remove excess moisture that can lead to discomfort. To add on, when cotton is washed, it releases odours more easily than other fabrics so there is lesser worry about bad smells clinging onto the clothes.

Cotton is known to be one of the strongest natural fibres around. It has a reputation in withstanding constant wear and tear, without wearing out easily. This means your kids' cotton-based clothes may be washed repeatedly with minimal fear of wear and tear! You can also rest easy knowing that cotton fibres are 30% stronger when wet, so let the water play ensue!

Childrens’ skin is more sensitive and prone to irritation. Certain fabrics may cause skin chaffing, leading to rashes. Cotton is naturally soft, absorbent, and breathable. As a result, it will help minimize the risk of skin chaffing. As another plus point, cotton gets softer with more washes and use, so there's no guilt to use it often.

Cotton-based clothing is less likely to cause itch. Look for cotton-based clothing because this natural fabric is also naturally resistant to dust mites, providing less risk of allergy reactions while providing more comfort for your child.

Importance of Functional Design of Kids Clothing

Kids play and move around most of the time. Wearing clothes that are too tight may restrict body movements and interfere with their activities. Look for clothes that have wider necklines, armholes, and sleeves. A stretchable and elastic waistline can help allow kids to move with confidence while securing the clothes safely.

While it may sound like a good idea to buy clothing of a larger size to keep up with a growing child and save money, there are potential issues with fitting a child in over-sized clothes. For example, clothes that are too large may increase the risk of the clothing twisting on the body or tripping up kids.

Some features to look for while shopping for functional and comfortable kids clothing include:
• Wide neck openings
• Easy fasteners such as large buttons and snap buttons
• Zippers with large pull rings
• A stretchable waistline
• Easy-to-use pockets

The Right Clothes for the Right Occasion

It is important to dress kids according to the right occasions. Select fabrics with weather conditions in mind and opt for appropriate designs. Consider purchasing different articles of clothing for different occasions. Some essentials to consider include:

A growing child needs protection and comfort during sleep. Jumpsuits with snap buttons on the neckline and crotch are the perfect choices for comfort and easy dressing. These will help your little one slip into dreamland in no time.

Kids may be messy eaters, but that is one of their charms. Look for bibs to help absorb drooling and any excess food or liquid. Ensure that the binding at the neck is adjustable and secure.

To facilitate movements during play, choose articles of clothing that offer maximum coverage for protection. Kids should be able to move freely without worrying about articles of clothing restricting their movements.

To facilitate movements during play, choose articles of clothing that are designed to allow kids to move freely and comfortably.

Wearing the right clothes for the right occasion can also help improve kids’ emotions and help them to express themselves better.

Comfortable Kids Clothes Must be Safe

Kids are naturally curious, and they may be intrigued by buttons, strings, and trims on their clothes. It is important to be certain that the features on their clothes are securely attached. Avoid decorations such as ball fringes, fancy zippers, and other possible decorations that can be pulled off and swallowed. It is good to stay informed to make sure that you are protecting your kids with the right clothing.

Some features to look for and avoid while shopping for safe and comfortable kids clothing include:
• Drawstrings at the neck with the risk of strangling.
• Long sashes may induce falls.
• Loose buttons or fasteners are potential choking hazards. 

Sizes Affect Comfort

Kids grow fast and this increases the need for new clothes. It is crucial to provide kids with clothes that fit them properly. Clothes of appropriate size can help kids to move around more easily and comfortably.

As mentioned above, while it is easier to opt for clothes that are bigger to save cost, it also comes with a risk. Bigger clothes also tend to slip out easily and this may cause discomfort to the child.

As mentioned above, while oversized clothes may restrict movement, they can also cause kids to slip out of them that may cause discomfort.

On the other hand, smaller clothes may be mistaken as clothes that fit comfortably. Clothes that are too small may impede movement and limit blood circulation.

Kids need comfortable clothes to explore and experience their childhood in comfort to build confidence. Lagom Kids offers comfortable kids' clothing at the right price to help you shop with ease and confidence, with the assurance that your kids are dressed just right.