Choose Happi. Play Happi. 

What comes to your mind when someone asks you about “being a mom”?

For some of you, a million familiar memories could be flashing through your mind right now as you remember each instant, and for some, it could be just a single memory that you cherish greatly.

But allow us to bring you back to the day your eyes landed on your baby for the first time. I’m sure that for all of us, it was a moment in our lives that we will never forget. Amongst the myriad of emotions that we went through—relief, exhaustion, affection—there was also pure happiness.

These moments of happiness can come easily through short bursts, such as seeing your baby smile or by simply holding your baby in your arms. But with the ongoing pandemic amplifying our daily stressors, it could take merely seconds for these joyful moments to change into feelings of exhaustion.

As a brand that champions positivity, we decided to embark on our journey to highlight these simple joys in life, and how we all have a choice to choose to be happy.


As a start, we kicked off our campaign with a series of videos where we asked children a simple question, “WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?

Their answers to this question ranged from “superman” to “skateboarding” and even “pillows”! It was heartening to know that simple things like pillows can actually make kids happy!

Because these happy moments are so meaningful to us, we want to highlight these simple joys, play and happiness in our lives through our new collection: HAPPI!

With uplifting colours and shapes, our new Happi collection is specially designed to evoke an abundance of joy. The cute round shapes and puff sleeves add an extra element of fun, and they also come with “Little Pockets of Happiness” for your little ones to safely store their moments of joy during play!

Visit our Happi Collection now!

Choose Happi. Play Happi.