Sensory Experience for your Baby

Sensory PLAY is fun when you provide paints, flour, objects with different textures (rough, smooth, furry, etc) to allow your baby to use his/her 5 senses to discover, play and learn. 


Indoor Play

Tummy time helps our babies to develop muscle strength and bodily control. During floor play, we can provide toys or simple objects and watch how your baby explores and plays with the materials. Again, do provide names of objects and action words while your baby manipulates with these objects.

To encourage your baby to crawl or move forward to grasp the object you are holding, You being the “Main Toy”, encourage and cheer your baby on to move towards you.

Peekaboo play is good to enhance your baby’s social and emotional development. You may use your hands or even scarves as an added novelty in this playful time.

Generally, babies enjoy songs and music. It delights them. It develops their auditory skills.


Going outdoor for walks is a wondrous way for babies to experience nature. It is healthy for them, relaxing, soaking in sunlight and fresh air.

Chat with your baby about what they see. To our surprise, they may babble, trying to communicate to us in their little ways what they observe.

Enhancing our babies' language development through their senses:
Touch: Let them feel the leaves, touch the barks of trees
Smell: Let them smell the flowers
Sound: Highlight the sounds of birds chirping
Sight: Highlight and encourage them look at the floral and fauna, insects and creatures in the surroundings.


Sylvia, a PLAY advocate for young children.

To view our PLAY from Birth Video Series, please go to our Lagom Kids’ YouTube channel:

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