Giving Kids the Opportunity to Create

Often as parents we want the best for our child and in doing so we sometimes forget that children are able to think for themselves and create amazing things. Passionate about inspiring imagination, we have created this tool to give your child an opportunity to imagine and express her/himself.  

Inspiring your Child

Storytelling at Lagom Kids is something close to our heart. It ignites a child’s imagination and creates dialogue that nurtures a child’s ability to communicate.

The kits are born out of our love to encourage children to express themselves in their own special way. The more a child expresses him/herself, the more inspired and confident they become. Storytelling not only sparks imagination and stimulates curiosity in children, it also connects us with each other and our world.

Designed to let children take the lead in creating and sharing their own story, the kit stimulates active conversation with others and builds a child’s self-esteem along the way.



Empowering Creative Imaginary Play

The aim of the kit is to empower children to choose what and how they play. Each Imagination kit consists of a CreateYourStory book that a child can write/draw in to tell their unique story, and a mini cardboard sculpture to build and play out their story. 

Inspiration is not willed - it happens. The more I do, the more inspired I become and imagination starts to flow. - Bart
The cardboard sculptures are a special partnership with Bart @butterNmilk, an award-winning international cardboard architect who creates amazing life-size cardboard sculptures. In these kits, parent and child have the opportunity to build a mini version of Bart’s sculptures.

Bonding over Play

We encourage parents to play a part in making this experience amazing. The attention you give your child gives him/her the confidence to explore and try new things. Creating something with your child is a great way to connect and bond. It is through play that your child learns to trust you and feel safe.

Your role as a parent is to engage and be present with them in their play so their story and imagination comes alive. Guide and support them but let them take the lead. Unleash your kids imagination now.

We hope this tool brings you hours of fun and laughter along the way. Parenting is a journey, so enjoy the ride.

Lagom Kids Imagination Kits are available in the following titles:

  • Me and My Unicorn
  • Me and My T-Rex
  • Me and My Boat 

The kits are recommended for children between the ages of 3 to 8 years old. For children between the ages of 3-5 years old, they may need more support.

View videos on how to build your sculpture at Lagom Kids’ YouTube channel here.

Order your Imagination Kits here.