Find Comfort in PLAY from Birth

World-wide research has shown during infancy period, this a time of rapid change in the architecture of the developing brain of our babies. This is a crucial and critical period where the baby’s brain development is most receptive and vulnerable to the influences of relationships and experiences the baby is exposed to.

These relationships and experiences affect all aspects of a baby’s development— social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. This developmental process is fuelled by the reciprocal, serve and return interactions between the child and the caregiver.

Babies naturally yearn for interactions with us through babbling, smiles and gestures. And when we are responsive, return these serves with vocalising, gesturing, and physical engagement in a safe, stable and secure environment, it shapes the architecture of the developing brain!

These serve and return interactions happen during PLAY with our babies!

Importance of PLAY

• It is the initial mode of learning for our babies.
• It stimulates the growth and development in the sensorimotor area of the baby’s brain.
• It makes our babies feel happy, loved and safe.
• It builds a baby’s sense of self.
• It immerses our babies in a language-rich context where they learn their first words.
• It promotes sensory and holistic development of our babies


Sylvia, a PLAY advocate for young children.

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