Turtle and The Tree Martian

In November 2020, we had the opportunity to partner with Our Tampines Hub (OTH) in their OTH Goes Green Campaign to organise a giveaway and a storytelling event. As Singapore’s largest eco-hub, this campaign boasted a total of 20 sustainability initiatives and features aimed at encouraging Singaporeans to take part in the Green Movement.

In our first initiative, we were delighted to have planned an exciting giveaway contest with OTH where we got parents and children to consider using the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) in their everyday choices.

Together with Playeum we also presented Turtle and The Tree Martian.

Lagom Kids also collaborated with Playeum, an organisation focused on developing confidence in children through play and the arts, to organise “Turtle and the Tree Martian” under the OTH Goes Green Campaign. This fun and imaginative storytelling event was filled with songs, music and drama using 3D Hand and Rod Puppets and was made available via OTH’s Facebook Live to be shared with the wider community.

During the session, children were transported to a pop-up stage setting to meet two main characters, Turtle and The Tree Martian. The story first began by introducing the Turtle as an unhelpful creature who lives alone in the ocean. It was then followed by the entrance of a Tree Martian who got the Turtle’s assistance to find some recyclables as food for him to return to Planet Mars safely.

Through the story, the children were able to learn more about ocean pollution, Sea Turtles as an endangered species, recycling and how we can all play a part in helping to take care of our planet. Above all, the event brought Lagom Kids closer to our goal in sparking conversations about the environment and climate action with children and parents.


“Climate change is now a planetary emergency posing an existential threat to humanity.” Jem Bendell, (2018) Speech at UN on the climate emergency.

Climate Change & Children

It is to nobody’s surprise that climate change has widespread and profound effects on our planet and our people. But unknown to many, 2.2 billion children are growing up facing the impacts of climate change today. They represent over 30% of the world’s population, and are the most at risk and vulnerable. Even simple rights such as healthy and safe living conditions, having nutritious food and the right to education are being threatened as a result of climate change.

Our purpose

As a brand that believes in sustainability and the capabilities of young children, we aim to spark conversations about the environment and climate action with children and parents.