Goldilocks and The Three Bears

In December 2019 we hosted a fun-filled session of interactive storytelling with shadow puppetry, music and movement as well as self-directed play/craft stations.

Our event was for young children from 3-8 years to venture into the woods where stories come alive! We rekindled the timeless tale of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and added a twist to the end! Our seasoned storytellers sand and led the audiences into the house of the 3 Bears, sharing the familiar story of Goldilocks' adventure right up to the point when she meets the bears and runs away. Then the interactive part over and the children got involved in deciding how to end this version of the story. 


The children gained confidence and engaged with the story that taught them to make choices by exploring what is "just right" for them. There were also after-activities to encourage children to unleash their creativity and to play freely amidst Playeum's hands-on exhibitions.

 The Performers

Madhuri has performed various folk and epic tales in New York and Mumbai in venues such as the Children’s Museum of Manhattan and the Washington School in New York. 

For this adventure she joins hands with Mervyn, who has not only close to twenty years of experience in arts and education but has endeared himself to many with his fun, affable and warm personality.


The Organisers

Playeum and Lagom Kids believe that storytelling ignites the imagination and has the power to engage audiences young and old. Using interactive puppetry to bring the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” alive, a dialogue is created that nurtures communication and engages little ones to be active participants in the story making. Children who engage in storytelling improve their chances of becoming caring partners and advocates for the community and the environment. 

Lagom Kids supports Playeum in championing children's voices.