Our Story


We are Toni and Anna and together, we make up Lagom Kids. It is our wish to help nurture comfortable and confident children by encouraging child led-play and exploration, giving them the freedom to choose what is just right for them.

Started in 2016 as a baby and kids clothing line, we now produce storytelling events and develop activity kits for children in hope to inspire creativity in young ones.


Play and Exploration

Children are naturally curious. When they play and explore, they discover and learn more about themselves and others. Children who are free to play and explore grow up confident of themselves and their choices. We champion children’s voices and strive to make them feel comfortable and at ease so that they can explore this beautiful world of ours with confidence.

Imagine and Create

We believe that all children have the special ability to imagine and create. We love storytelling as it ignites a child’s imagination and creates a dialogue that nurtures communication. Children who engage in story-telling improve their chances of becoming caring partners and advocates for the community and the environment.

Parent-child Play

Playing with your child benefits her/him in so many ways. Making time to play and laugh with your child allows you to connect deeper and build a strong, positive bond with them. We open up their inner world when we give them the secure and comfortable environment to express themselves in their own child-led way.

Not too little, not too much, just right.

Lagom is a “Swedish” word which means Just Right. It is the philosophy we embrace in everything we do. From what we design, the fabrics we select, our packaging to creating products; we are all about keeping it simple, relevant and just right.


At Lagom Kids, we are passionate about our philosophy to make children feel comfortable and at ease so they are free to play and explore.

We make clothes that are simple, soft and comfy suitable for a warm climate like Singapore. Our clothes are designed for a child’s effortless movement during play and exploration. When children play, they discover and develop new experiences that matter to them and take control of their own learnings. 

Our activities and kits aim to foster a child’s imagination and creativity in a safe and comfortable space. It encourages a child to take lead in creating, expressing themselves and trying new things.

When a child feels comfortable, it becomes natural to connect and engage with everyone and everything around them, creating endless joyful moments that will help them grow into confident adults.


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