About us


Hello! We are not too little and not too much and we are just right (in most ways).  We are Toni, Bao and Anna and together, we make up Lagom. We are grateful for the opportunity to work together, creating something we love and believe in.

About us
Lagom was established in 2016 and we are a kids clothing brand that features designs with clean lines, neutral colours and natural fabrics that are comfy for growing little ones.

Lagom is a Swedish word with no direct English translation and it loosely means “the right amount”. Lagom is central to our philosophy and everything we do. From the price you pay, how you shop, what you buy and what we design, it is all about keeping it simple, relevant and just right. Because we are mothers too.
Our Design
There is a Swedish notion that simplicity and clarity leads to good design and we abide by this. We aim to celebrate and retain timeless childhood styles that let children do what they do best - by just being themselves. Whether in play or in social setting, at home or at the park, we aim to clothe them in confidence by providing the best designs and comfy materials that feels just right.
Our Quality
We focus on cotton and other natural fabrics and we ensure that we only work with the trusted textile suppliers in the region. We also work directly with our manufacturing base in the region. This means that we have a higher degree of quality control and transparency.
Our Value
Due to our established manufacturing base, we do not rely on buying agents and middlemen, saving on costs. Being an e-commerce store means we have low overheads that we pass on as huge savings to our customers.
Our Commitment
Good service is not just lip service to us. We want your experience with us to be just right and we work hard at that. Do drop us a line if you have something to say about our service.



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